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Corezon Account and Contact Management module collect and manage customer profile and transactional data, giving your sales and service professionals a 360 degree view of your customers across multiple touch points such as phone, fax, internet and face to face.

Sales and service professionals can quickly find all account details and complete history for each account using Corezon Account and Contact Manager. It enables sales and service professionals to better understand accounts, create and track new and existing business opportunities, collaborate with other sales people and partners, manage complete cycle of quotation and order history.

For business accounts with multiple contacts, Corezon Contact Manager allows organizations to establish multiple contacts for each account. Now your sales and service professionals can manage profiles, quotes and orders, opportunities as well as emails down to the contact level.

Account Management

  • Manage Accounts From Web
  • Create Consumer Accounts
  • Create Business Accounts
  • Create Reseller Accounts
  • Create Tax Exempt Accounts
  • Assign Sales Rep To Accounts
  • Set Up Multiple Billing Addresses
  • Set Up Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Set Up Multiple Payment Addresses
  • Account Size
  • Account Group
  • Create Additional Contacts For Accounts
  • Create New Opportunities For Accounts
  • Generate Quotes For Accounts
  • Generate Orders For Accounts
  • Automatic Distribution of Emails To Existing Accounts
  • Attach Dated Notes To Accounts
  • Manage Documentation To Accounts

    Contact Management

  • Add Additional Contacts To Accounts
  • Designate Super User For Accounts
  • User Name and Password Management
  • Contact Profile Management
  • Transaction History By Contacts
  • Generate Quotes For Specific Contacts
  • Generate Orders For Specific Contacts