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Configure Complex Product Online


Our online Product Configurator enables small and medium-sized companies that make and distribute custom-made equipment and devices to offer their customers and employees with a powerful Online Catalog Tool to customize products, generate quotes or for sales orders online and over the phone.


Major Functions:


  • Web-based requiring only internet access to use the software
  • Import existing Bill of Materials (BOM) from manufacturing system
  • Build configurations with existing SKUs
  • Add non-SKU options to a configuration
  • Set mandatory and non-mandatory options
  • Create attribute dependencies by non-technical users
  • Global price update
  • Global component replacement
  • Create default configuration
  • Save configurations for future use
  • Dynamic price different calculations for upgrade or downgrade options
  • Show price to public, or hide price behind login
  • Volume price discount management
  • E-commerce shopping cart with full integration to payment gateway
  • Export customer orders in Excel, XML and CSV format
  • Optional integration with ERP system through XML and web services
  • Embed configuration into existing website, or create a new one by Corezon


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