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  PRODUCTS : Online Product Catalogue Solution

A Powerful Online Product Catalog

Powerful Search Capability

Quick Access to The Right Product

High Rate of User Adoption

Configurator For SKU Variation

Scalable #250,000 SKUs? No Problem

Parent Item/Sub-item

The Corezon eBusiness Suite has one of the industry's most comprehensive and function-rich catalog servers to allow an organization to build its business-to-business and business-to-consumer catalogs.

It allows an organization to easily migrate their legacy product data to the Internet by transforming unstructured data into highly structure data.

It lets an organization's business users, such as your product or marketing managers, create and maintain unlimited numbers and tiers of product categories, rich product information (picture, audio, video, file), and product relationships (cross sell, up sell, accessories).

It has a powerful yet easy to use attribute manager to manage product attributes for real times sales and marketing online. 



  1. Browser-based management for complete control for non-technical and marketing people
  2. Scalable: capable of driving up to 250,000 SKUs
  3. Engineered to be search engine friendly: every square inch of product information, product description you put on the catalog will be published to the search engines  
  4. Powerful in scale and scope: readily handles complex product, industrial and components with powerful search capability and product configurability



  • Multimedia Product Catalog
  • Integration With Backend Inventory Master
  • Product Info Dynamically Generated From Database
  • Dynamic Parametric Search
  • Condition of Products (new, used, refurb.)
  • Stocking Status (in and out of stock)
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Product Association
  • Cross Selling, Up Selling
  • Product Comparison
  • Integration With Transaction Engine
  • Import Third Party Catalog
  • Unlimited number of images, documents
  • Feature Products, Hot Items, Recent Arrivals, Best Seller
  • Easy Real-Time management for changing products, catagories, on the fly for fast and effective marketing responses to changing conditions