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  PRODUCTS : Call Center

Real-Time Flexibility For Handling Customer Inquiries

Corezon's Call Center Capability gives your staff the power and the flexibility to handle all customer inquiries and orders. Real-time access to all relevant account, order and status modalities are available at a glance with Corezon's fast look-up


  • Process orders
  • Modify existing orders
  • Web, Phone or Fax Flexibiity
  • Quotation and Price modifications for order or item
  • Look up order status, shipping status
  • Quick review of account info with purchasing history
  • Single module for account, order and customer service
  • Real-time access to all current order and shipping/status information
  • Simultaneous access to product information for customer assistance
  • Complaint Management
  • Ability to route complaints, determine level of urgency
  • Quick access to customer info by order number, account, contact, etc. 
  • Ability to create RMA ticket, generate replacement order  


 Faster, More Informed Customer Service 


  • Quick assess to relevant information for more effective customer support and faster response 
  • Easy to learn for entry level staff
  • Let's your agents handle fax or phone orders from the same application
  • Fast order entry
  • Simultaneous access to product catalog for up-sell/cross-sell 
  • All information available in an "at a glance" format for quick review
  • Fast access to account, order and shipping status.
  • Quick response to customer inquires view phone or email for more effective response in putting out fires