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  PRODUCTS : Scalable B2B Solution

 Corezon's Deep Domain Expertise in B2B  

Corezon's state of the art capabilities have a proven track record 

The biggest challenge is to get your product online in a way that makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they are looking for in order to do business with you. Corezon has had years of experience converting paper-based catalogues into high-octane online catalogs.  

The number one goal is to effectively display large numbers of products, including productions with sku variations, and parent/sub-items. This requires an industrial ready database catalogue: Corezon delivers one with the additional benefits of a powerful parametric and guided search capability that returns highly relevant results fast.   

Corezon has domain expertise in handling  

  • Huge Product Portfolios
  • Complex Product Variables, one product/five add-ons, etc
  • Automated Quotation Management with Convert-to-Order
  • Configurator for Custom Products/RFQs
  •  Manage Price Lists/Customer specific pricing

Many companies in the components, machines and parts industries still have websites driven in static or HTML products where there is limited flexiblity, with most products being displayed in a list or billboard of products. And then there are database driven sites that do not fully display products, or product relationships with "featured items" or "related items." Corezon's Online Product Catalog does this and more: for example, our database application converts each product page into HTML or static pages for maximum search engine visibility and indexing. 

Corezon has a great deal of experience in the B2B segment and in the components industry: computer, semi-conductor, electrical components, medical, etc. For over five years Corezon has been coverting B2B manufacturers and distributors from paper-based catalogs to online catalogs that are easier and less expensive to maintain, have a high rate of user adoption, and with a proven track record of successfully converting clicks to orders. 

Corezon has worked with many small to medium-sized companies to successfully grow their sales and market reach. In addition to delivering a state of the art platform, Corezon has engineered the Online Product Catalog to automatically convert the client's product catalog into a database publishing engine: each product page is automatically converted into an HTML page to be indexed by the search engines. Each and every page will get indexed: 5000 SKUs translates into 5000+ static pages being broadcasted to the larger universe.


More Sales, Greater Market Reach

 This technology eventually, over time will drive more traffic to the website in search of what you actually sell. They hit the link on Google and are automatically taken to the product page on your site. This makes for ease of use and fast, effective conversions. The trend continues for business users to search on Google fo product based on product type, part number, product name, manufacturer, etc. Corezon anticipates this industry trend to provide a website catalog that is in fact a pro-active publishing engine. 

The end result is a professional website and industrial product catalog with a host of features for SKU variation, options list, Parent/sub-item capability, and related products for upsell. Additional features include CRM for accounts and quotation management, and eCommerce with order processing and integrated shipping. Corezon's Commerce/Product Database is a fully integrated platform that gives your customers fast access to product, with the ability to quickly and easily purchase or submit an RFQ.  

Please call for more information, or to schedule an online demo with a solutions consultant who is an expert in components and B2B.