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We Provide a Professional Web Presence With All The Tools To Further Your Success 

Corezon eBusiness Suite has an integrated eCommerce engine to provide unassisted business-to-business and business-to-consumer selling over the web. It has all the functions for customers to complete transactions, track order and shipping status, and view previous order history. It has a powerful shopping cart manager to allow customers to create, merge and delete frequently purchased items. It also has a Solution Manager that lets customers establish.

  • Advanced Shopping Cart
  • Quick Order Entry By Part Number
  • Save Multiple Shopping Carts
  • Buy Directly From Saved Cart
  • Forward Shopping Cart To Others
  • Integrate With Credit Card Payment System
  • Built In Jurisdiction-Based Tax Calculation
  • Built In UPS and FedEx Shipping Rates
  • Integrate With UPS & FedEx Shipping SW
  • Integrated UPS & FedEx Shipment Tracking
  • Integrate With Order Processing System


  • Fully flexible website and customer interface
  • Featured Products
  • Recently viewed
  • Recent Arrivals
  • Hottest Selling
  • In-stock only capability
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Configurator
  • Easy, Flexible Checkout
  • Real-Time Credit Card Verification and Processing
  • Automatic Integration with UPS + Fedex
  • Tracking number automatically placed with shipping confirmation notification email
  • Powerful Parametric Search capability for fast look-up, fast find for easy ordering
  • Single Payment Adress, Multiple Shipping addresses
  • Find orders by status: pending, approved, shipped
  • Printable orders, invoices, pick lists
  • Customer portal for purchase history, shipping status, personal catalog for fast purchase of repeat items
  • Beautiful Retail Templates available for saving on design costs
  • Coupons, coupon codes, and promotions
  • Customer Specific pricing
  • Customer specific catalog
  • Multiple Catalog Capability
  • Wishlists