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Enterprise Level Applications for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Corezon develops and delivers enterprise class completely integrated software applications to help small and mid-sized businesses manage all of their business processes more efficiently, including finance, sales and marketing, service, Web presence, and employee management. Corezon delivers proven value and return on investment by offering its customers million dollar software features and functions at a fractional cost, resulting in more sales, better customer service and enhanced employee productivity. With anytime, anywhere Web access, Corezon products are the industry's first and only multi-user, multi-location complete business management solutions that turn any organizations into true real time enterprises.


Corezon was founded in early 2001 and began its sales and business development in January of 2002 with four pilot customers. Since then the client list has grown to a hundred plus companies in a number of successful verticals such as components, biotech and retail.

Headquartered in San Mateo California, Corezon is a small but leading web-based enterprise software company with an exclusive focus on the small to medium-sized company. Our customer-centric value proposition and technology delivery is truly unique in the industry, and is at the heart of our success.

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