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  PRODUCTS : Search Engine Visibility

We Turn Your Online Product Catalog Into A Publishing Engine For Increased Sales And Market Reach

As part of the value that Corezon Corporation delivers to its clients, Corezon has taken the time to engineer the Corezon Online Product Catalog to deliver maximum visibility to the search engines for your products. We take every scrap of information in the product catalog, product type, long description, model number (also keyword entry on each product page) and your online catalog into a publishing engine.

This has been remarkably effective for our clients. The focus is to deliver a search engine friendly online catalog that, over time, will deliver increased traffic, increased market reach, and increased sales. Additionally, Corezon's Online Catalog Management capability is robust enough to enable you and your marketing team to have complete control in a browser based environment, to fine-tune keywords, update product description, in order to enhance the efficacy of Corezon's Search Engine Optimizer.   


  • Maximizes Search Engine visibility for all catalog products, product descriptions, item numbers, keywords, etc.
  • Complete control of product catalog contents to enrich and structure your catalog data for greater relevance and efficacy  
  • Converts your product database into thousands of HTML pages or natural search visibility.
  • Monitor the results and make adjustments on the fly for greater effectiveness and sales momentum 

Turn Your Online Product Catalog Into A Pro-Active Marketing Engine