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  PRODUCTS : Customer Service

Empower your employees to answer all questions at any time 


Empower your customers with self-service capabilities and empower your employees to answer all customer questions quickly and accurately from any desk any time.


Customer Self-Service

  • Request for Quotes
  • Verify order correct
  • Order status,
  • Shipment status,
  • Re-order from previous orders, 
  • Covert quotes to orders,
  • Maintain multiple billing addresses,
  • Maintain multiple shipping addresses,
  • Maintain multiple credit cards,
  • Review invoices,
  • Support tickets,
  • Purchase orders

 Internal Service Capabilities

  • Returns management,
  • Track project management
  • Review emails embedded in accounts
  • Review labels and other info
  • Assign Priority Status
  • Set Schedules
  • Assign Tasks
  • Quick Access to customer complaint and order history