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  PRODUCTS : Order Processing

A Multi-Channel Solution: Fully Integrated Order Processing In Real-Time 

Corezon's multi-channel order processing capability delivers complete real-time transparency between online ecommerce and your back-end internal operations. With Corezon's powerful "Transactional CRM" orders from the web and call center are instantly available for processing and fulfilment.   


  • Multi-Channel Order Capture via online store, phone, fax and sales conversion
  • All Orders Placed are immediately visible throughout the system
  • New Orders Reserve Inventory For Immediate Availability and prompt Shipping
  • Automatic Re-order Level cuts down on labor intensive back-orders
  • Powerful Quote-to-order conversion capability for fast-response B2B sales
  • Insides Sales can generate sales, and modify existing Web-Sales for greater customer responsiveness.
  • Cross-sell, up-sell for more sales conversions.
  • Real-Time Access to all daily/weekly orders by status, at a glance
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Corezon's Enterprise Applications offer Real-Time At-A-Glance access to all sales orders, and order processing stages. With multiple means for looking up orders, accounts, invoices, Corezon's transactional CRM and order processing capability speeds up and streamlines all transactions from order capture to fulfillment and tracking. 

  • Fast checkout process
  • Coupon codes, gift certificates and promotions managed throughout checkout experience 
  • Real-time credit card and PayPal payment integrations
  • Check, money order and custom payment methods available
  • Fraud setting to prevent or flag orders upon placement
  • Automatic email confirmations 
  • Batch Approval, Individual Review Per Order 
  • Order routing upon placement of order
  • Instant creation and notification of new orders from all sales channels
  • Real Time Sales Management Screen for All Pending and New Orders
  • Flexible rules based order staging
  • Multiple payment methods supported including credit card, purchase order, net 30
  • Real-time integrations into payment services including and PayPal
  • Automatically sent email confirmations
  • Full modification of order even after order is placed
  • Records and tracks for customer service events
  • Stock, drop-ship and just-in-time inventory capability
  • SKUs can be sourced from multiple vendors 
  • Real-Tme capability for sourcing directly from order
  • Back orders and partial shipments
  • Inventory availability to customer during order fulfillment
  • Batch printing of picking and packing documents, including invoices
  • Integration with FedEx, UPS 
  • Supports multiple tracking numbers for orders
  • Batch capturing of credit card authorizations
  • Batch send shipment confirmations via email 
  • Fast Access to Customer Account Information and Purchase History 
  • Manage and track email communication to and from customer throughout fulfillment process
  • Automatic connects email communications to customer accounts and account records
  • Routing incoming email communications to specific employees and/or departments